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Ever suffer a power supply failure, hard drive failure, or worse a complete server crash? If so, you have learned an invaluable lesson about keeping your business infrastructure intact and running smoothly. Downtime means lost income and missed opportunity. In today’s world that can make or break striking a deal with a customer, retaining clientele more diffucult or worse and losing any amount of your customer base. Information Technology is the most overlooked aspect of any business as it is seen as an unneeded expense by using the mentality of “It works now how could it fail later?” Unfortunately, that leads to the scenarios mentioned before.

In house self-hosted remote connections using PKI and AES encryption is just some of the technology we use to protect your sensitive data during a remote connection. We will always be here for you, even while out on the road. With onsite services available and remote desktop session at your fingertips support is never too far away.


Data Security

These are the most common reasons for business security breaches:



Any way that data is stolen is a 100% liability to your business. From cyber criminals, former employees or the common Joe it does not matter. Once the data is gone, it’s gone. Cyber criminals will use vulnerabilities in software and hardware to gain entrance to your infrastructure for monetary gain, popularity or just for fun. Former employees that have credentials that allow them any access to business information can either damage the data or leak the data to unauthorized parties. The common Joe that steals any data is usually in it for the fun and reputation, but without the forethought of the consequences for the business and themselves.


Paper files, external devices, portable devices are all common methods of losing valuable data. There is not much the I.T. department can do for paper files unless you have a scanning and storage solution for such. External devices can be encrypted, and physically secured in a lock box but still can be left anywhere by mistake. Portable devices are everywhere and easily forgotten on a table, at a bar, at hotel during a business convention. They can easily be accessed without the proper credentials using methods readily available on the internet for everyone.


Weak passwords can lead to very easy access to highly sensitive data with minimal effort. Aging computers that are removed from service with internal storage are not properly recycled. Poor self-security practices like sharing your password with a supposed trusted coworker. Leaving computers unlocked and easily accessible by anybody without a password.

Insecure Practices

Using file sharing software can lead to detrimental consequences as it plainly puts your data at risk easily accessible to the whole internet. Sharing to much information on social media sites can lead to very easy theft or loss of data.

Our Business Security Services


Full Disk Encryption by Jetico ©

  • Encrypt System and Boot Volumes

  • UEFI-Secure Boot

  • All RAID Configurations

  • Pre-Boot Autentication

  • Secure Hibernation

  • Supports Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

  • Centeral Management

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012


AVG Business Internet Security Business Edition